10 Free UI Templates for Android Lollipop and iOS 8

A good PSD UI template cuts design time and effort in half and is a great alternative to starting from scratch. Here's a list of my current recommended fre WP网站建设

A good PSD UI template cuts design time and effort in half and is a great alternative to starting from scratch. Here’s a list of my current recommended free PSD UI kits. Half are for Android 5, half are for iOS 8 with a focus on the latest versions of the two most popular mobile operating systems.

1. Lollipop UI Kit

Android Lollipop UI Kit

The Lollipop UI Kit from UXPin is one of the best Android PSD UI templates around. It contains 45 UI elements, including call screens, inbox, settings, etc. It’s available for Sketch, Photoshop and UXPin. You can download it for free once you enter an email address.

2. Free Material Design UI Kit

Free Material Design UI Kit

This is an outstanding PSD UI template. This Free Material Design UI Kit is a Retina ready kit with design elements for almost everything, such as menus, search bars, settings, buttons, forms, calendar and more. As the name implies, this template follows the look and feel of the Google Material Design style. The layers are grouped, the shapes are vector and can be customized as needed.

3. Android Lollipop 5.0 GUI

Android Lollipop GUI

Compared to other PSD UI templates, this Android Lollipop 5.0 GUI is smaller, but still comprehensive. It contains Splash Screens, Call, Notification, Inbox, Email, File management and Contact Feed Screens. The kit is fully vector based. I like the detailed descriptions that accompany the templates. This differs to many other templates (and design resources in general) where descriptions are either missing completely, or require guesswork as to what’s inside the bundle.

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4. Android L GUI Kit

Android Lollipop GUI Kit PSD

The Android L GUI kit was one of the first Android 5.0 kits released, at a time when there were few available. Today there is an abundance of Android 5.0 kits but this pioneer still rocks. This kit is a vector bundle of almost all of the screens a designer might need for an Android app, such as Inbox, Compose, make/receive calls and Google Maps. The kit is free but uses the Pay with a Post model. This means that the download link is emailed once a user makes a post about the kit on social media. I think it’s only fair to ask for this small compensation considering the time and effort it took to create this free kit.

5. Material Design UI Kit

Material Design UI Kit

Many designers love Material Design from Google and this is a good reason to include one more Material Design UI template on this list. According to its creator, the template follows the guidelines of the Material Design style. It’s not huge but contains the basic screens to use as a foundation for new screens. Let’s complete the list of Android GUI kits with a gem. This is a great kit, but it’s not updated for Android 5 so only useful for working with earlier versions. Let’s hope its creators migrate it to Android 5.

6. iOS 8 GUI PSD (iPhone 6)

iOS 8 iPhone 6 UI Kit

There are fewer iOS 8 PSD UI templates than for Android 5 but what’s available is good and useful. For example, iOS 8 GUI PSD (iPhone 6) is a layered vector kit that contains “All elements for iOS 8”. This kit includes mockups of Phones, Notification Centre, Control Centre, Spotlight, Safari, Buttons, Mail, Maps and more. IPad Designers, check out their iPad GUI Kit, it’s for iOS 7 but may still be useful.

7. iOS 8 UI Design Kit

iOS 8 wireframing UI Design Kit

This iOS 8 design kit from UXPin is another gorgeous free kit with more than 90 elements for iPhone 5s, 6 and 6Plus. It’s available for Sketch, Photoshop and UXPin. It’s next to impossible to list all the elements inside, but includes the essentials, such as Mailboxes, Contacts, Notifications and more. I especially like their wireframing kit. Supplying an email address will provide the download link and at the time of writing, the site promised that if they reached 400 shares for the wireframing kit, they will unlock an iOS 8 cheat sheet and iPhone 5, 6 and 6Plus bodies.

8. iOS 8 GUI PSD


This iOS 8 GUI PSD from BullzArtDesign is another vector layered kit with numerous design elements inside. The site doesn’t give a detailed description of what exactly is included, only mentioning new elements, such as quickly reply for iMessage, quickly reply for Mail, and New Springboard features. This kit uses the “Pay with a Tweet” model.

9. iOS Design Kit by Tethr

iOS Design Kit by Tethr

Ignoring its pretentious slogans, such as “The most beautiful iOS design kit you’ve ever seen” and “The last UI kit you’ll ever need”, this iOS design kit from Tethr is an excellent resource for any iOS designer. It’s available for Photoshop and Sketch and has 8 source files, 138 templates and over 250 UI elements. The kit is minimal and flat and it’s retina ready. It’s free to use, upon submitting an email to access the download link.

10. iOS 8 UI Kit

ios 8 UI Kit - Full

This iOS 8 UI kit doesn’t claim to be number one and but it’s still good. It might not have thousands of screens and design elements, but covers all the essentials, such as settings, navbars, lists and controls.


PSD UI templates allow designers to reuse design elements created by someone else. This is much easier than designing every single pixel of an app. Whilst this list is extensive, it’s worth remembering that new templates are released almost daily, so there are always lots to choose from. I’d be interested to hear which you’ve tried and liked, what’s your favorite?



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